(This article is for the season currently running on the old Reddit system)


New Starter Guide

Welcome to ACRL! This page serves as a guide of how to get started and walk you through the process of racing within ACRL. This is a supplement to the rules and pages outlined in wiki, so please familiarize yourself with that as well.

Hopefully this page will make things clearer especially to those who may not be familiar with Reddit's format. (Current season still running on Reddit)

See the registration page. Registration has two stages, a league registration that you only need to do once in a lifetime, and series registration that must be done once for each series.If you wish to check you have registered correctly then you can check that your name has been added to the check-in sheet that you can find linked in the pre-race thread for the series you signed up to. This can take up to an hour so be patient. But if you have issues please send a message to the moderators, a big blue button in the sidebar, on the right of the sub-reddit. If we are currently in between series or about to start a season please wait for season start and the pre-race thread in the series you wish to check to be posted to find the check-in sheet.

(Bi)Weekly Format
The main races in ACRL take place on Sundays. On the Monday of each week a thread will be posted with links to all the relevant posts for that week. This helps you find pages that may get lost due Reddit's voting system and should always be found in green at the top of the main page. In this thread you'll find links to various things like information about the current season, the upcoming race and discussion post from the previous race.

  • Each and every¬†race that you wish to participate in you must check-in to. Information about how to do so and latest check in time is found in the pre-race thread. This also includes the specific information relating to that race such as weather, track etc.
  • Some series will run multiple servers depending on number of check-ins, your server placement depends on your pre-qualification ranking. Pre-qualification opens when the pre-race thread is posted and closes at 5PM GMT/BST for European (and merged region) races and at 6PM EST/EDT for NA races.
  • A link to current pre-qualifying times should be linked in the pre-race thread.
  • Race results and statistics will be posted in the post-race thread.