(This article is for the season currently running on the old Reddit system) 

Car Skins

In ACRL it is possible to use a custom car skin or to select which pre-installed skin is assigned to you. To see other's custom skins you must have them installed on your system. It is not a requirement to download the Skin Pack but without it custom cars will be plain white. This wiki gives details on how to assign a skin, upload your own and download the ACRL Skin Pack. Media for use on custom liveries can also be found here.

Car Numbers

Currently car numbers don't really mean anything, pick the one you want. We do have a list though if you want to find one that's available.

Assigning, Uploading, and Downloading Car Skins

Rules for Custom Skins

To guarantee good performance across various hardware and to minimize space requirements there are some restrictions on skins that can be used in ACRL.

  • Skins folder names must start with ACRL_S20_1.
  • Each .dds file must not exceed 2048 px in either dimension.
  • Each .dds file must not exceed 10 MB in size.
  • Do not include files from design and drawing .psd etc.

If you do not meet these rules an automated system will try to make your files conform. However the results are often a mess, so please for everyone enjoyment make sure your skin follows the above rules. Of course you can use a higher quality version for yourself. To meet the rules on .dds file size a 2048 x 2048 px file should be exported with DXT5 compression and mipmaps.

Assigning Your Car Skin

  1. Open the Skins Spreadsheets

  2. If your name is not already on the spreadsheet, add your Reddit user name on a new row. Please be sure to enter your Reddit user name correctly because we will use this as an identifier.

  3. Specify the exact folder name of your skin (custom or one of the standard ones) in the appropriate column specific to each series. If you do not participate in a series, leave that column blank.

  4. If you have a custom skin make sure that you upload it.


ACRL skins – are uploaded to and found on an FTP server.

username: acrlUser
password: RaceRace

To upload a skin first fill in the spreadsheet (see above) if you don’t do this your skin will not be processed! This is used to send a Reddit PM to you when your skin has been transferred.

You can interact with the FTP server as you wish. If you wish to manually upload and download use the file browser. Copy files just like any other folder. If you wish to sync downloads use the custom program that simplifies the whole download process DOWNLOAD. Any issues with the program contact /u/AdderSwim .

ACRLsync instructions

Full instructions with images

On opening the program it will contact the FTP (automatic login, you don't need the details above) and load some data, this may take a few seconds. If the buttons you wish to use are disabled then wait. Click the find button to find your Assetto Corsa 'cars' directory. To download check one of the available series in the list, then click 'Analyse'. Once complete the text at the bottom should give a summary of the number of files to be downloaded. Click 'Run' to actually do the download. You must 'Analyse' before 'Run' otherwise there won't be anything queued to download.

The source code can be seen here.

Usable Media on Skins