IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FORD DTM DRIVERS - we have modified the Ford to fix an unfair advantage with tires (hards having the same grip as mediums), please see the Briefing tab on the Season page for details on updating your car so you can join our servers.

General Conduct

Be respectful

Being respectful is the number 1 rule of ACRL. It is of the utmost importance that all racers are respectful of one another. Treating each other with respect will produce cleaner races and better discussions. This is a simple rule, but it has a very broad reach. Given the importance of this rule, any drivers in breach of this rule can be served a time penalty, race ban, or ban from the league as the moderators deem fit in accordance with the severity of the breach. Examples of breaches include, but are not limited to, poor racing etiquette, excessive foul language or insulting/attacking another driver. Similarly, remarks against any group (race, gender, religion, etc.) are not permissible. This rule applies to both on and off the track.


Cheating of any form will not be tolerated. While we have not had any incidents of cheating that we have found. We are actively monitoring races, outcomes, etc for signs of foul play. If you are found to be cheating in any form, you will be banned from the league after a mod review of the evidence.
This ban is non-negotiable.


It is important that all drivers connect to Discord so that they can hear announcements and instructions from the moderators. You do not need a microphone and you are not required to talk, but having a microphone can often be beneficial to you and others.

ACRL Discord

Minimize Radio Chatter

Once qualifying starts, please minimize radio chatter until the race is over for all drivers. Also please refrain using AC apps that send automated chat messages.


Do not initiate votes to restart or kick other drivers, this is distracting. Votekicks, due to ACs server settings are especially bad and if a driver is found guilty of kicking another driver he will be penalized at the mod's discretion.