The Details

Penalty Assessed
2021 Endurance - Hungaroring 6h

The Evidence

Chase cam Goldstein
Chase cam Hoogendoorn
On board Hoogendoorn
On board Goldstein

Head Steward Decision

Ferrari dives from a car and a bit behind the Aston. Aston turns in on the normal line and gets collected in an incident. With context, the Ferrari is a lap or two down, and does not seem to have significant pace (based on the one corner alone). Cars are allowed to unlap themselves, but only in a safe overtake when they have significant pace difference than the car ahead.

30 second penalty to the Ferrari for the incident.

The Penalties

Unicorn & Griffin B (Daniel Goldstein,Sven van Dorst) - Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 -
[Site] Daniel Goldstein | ttv/Gold1e_ | [AC] D.aniel Goldstein | [ACC] Daniel Goldstein
Time penalty- 30 sec - 10 Points