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2022 AC Special Events
RSS GT1 Silverstone
RSS GT1 Silverstone
Assetto Corsa
Silverstone GP (ACRL)
Sunday July 10th 2022 07:00 PM Europe/Rome

It's time to whip out your wallets and spin into walls. That's right boys, we're finally racing the RSS GT1 cars! Pick whichever you want and get out there, have a grand ol time.  The GT1 pack is available for purchase here.  Yes, we know, paid mods.  How dare we.

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Race Info
Event Starts 2022-07-10 07:00 PM Europe/Rome
Practice 60 minutes
Quali 10 minutes
Race 25 minutes
Race 25 minutes (reverse top 8)
Mandatory Pit StopNo
Weather Forecast

Ambient temperature will be between 24C and 30C, light scattered clouds, light breeze.

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Server Password Spectator Password
ACRL Race Server 1 GTfast
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The Silverstone GP (ACRL) track can be downloaded from here.

The GT Ferruccio 55 v12 car is a mod but no download link is available

The GT Ferruccio 57 v12 car is a mod but no download link is available

The GT Lanzo v12 car is a mod but no download link is available

The GT Shadow v8 car is a mod but no download link is available

The GT Tornado v12 car is a mod but no download link is available

The GT Vortex v10 car is a mod but no download link is available

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