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Penalty Assessed
Radical SR3 - Barbagallo

The Evidence

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Head Steward Decision

Car 61 exits pits and drives right in the way of Car 278 who is on a quali run. Car 278 is impeded and has to abort the lap.

Section 5.7.1: Drivers who are not on a flying lap need to give way to drivers who are on a flying lap without impeding them. This includes out laps, in laps, bad laps, invalid laps and practice laps. This has to be done on a straight section of the track, away from the racing line, even coming to a full halt should it be necessary. This also includes drivers entering or leaving the pits, who also must not impede drivers on flying laps in any way. We strongly encourage all drivers to enable and use timing apps to help with this, as they show how close other drivers are to them on track at all times

Quali ban to Car 61 for impeding a quali lap.

The Penalties

Neil Kerbal (Neil) - Radical SR3 (LHD) - 61
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Qban \wo DQ - 5 points