The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC - Season 7 - Suzuka

The Evidence

Head Steward Decision

There's no room for this sort of behaviour in any league or public setting. This type of language is grossly inappropriate and immature. Any further infractions will be a direct ban from the league.

A minor warning will be issued for the this specific incident.

Message from the moderators:

Hello everyone,

This is a subject the mod team does not want to have to cover often. That being said, there was some potentially hurtful language used during the last ACC event, both in-game and afterwards in Discord. This kind of language is not tolerated, and the only reason a ban has not been handed out is because we have not had to address this in a long time (the community is very well mannered around here, and generally requires very little moderation- props to everyone).

This is a final warning to the driver in question (@driver in question), and if there are any instances of this kind of behaviour again, we will not be as lenient.

To everyone else: by all means, get angry, yell, spout salt, do whatever you need to get things out of your system (as we all need to do at times) but do not use derogatory language, as it can be very hurtful towards the targeted parties. For the vast majority of the people in this community, doing so will be no issue.

The Penalties

Xander Huizing (Xander Huizing) - AMR V8 Vantage (2019) - 244
[Site] Xander Huizing | [AC] Xander Huizing | [ACC] Xander Huizing
Minor Warning - 3 points