The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC - Season 7 - Brands Hatch

The Evidence

POV from both cars
Chase cams

Head Steward Decision

#158 steered right off the kerb, and then didn't stop steering and span #246 as a result. It wasn't in a braking zone, but due to the aftermath (2 cars spinning, #246 with quite a bit of damage).

This is pretty bad, there's 2 cars virtually everywhere and had a nice line for the outside. Unfortunately will have to penalize pretty heavily for this one. 30s for negligent driving, *1.5 for lap 1 t1.

The Penalties

Paul Thompson (Paul Thompson) - AMR V8 Vantage (2019) - 158
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Lap 1 - Time penalty 30x1.5 sec - 10 Points