The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 6 - The Glen

The Evidence

#418/Bootsma (chase)
#418/Bootsma (onboard)
#33/Alaoui (chase)
#33/Alaoui (onboard)
#919/Quinby (onboard)
They weren't involved in the initial hit, but did have a good view of what happened and got bumped while #33/Alaoui was recovering their car. They were in the same lap as #214/Gorzellik, so ahead of everyone else.

Head Steward Decision

No overlap and contact in braking/turn-in zone. There's nothing wrong with trying to un-lap yourself, but if you can't do it safely without ruining the car a head's race - don't overtake.

20s to Car 33

The Penalties

Mehdi Alaoui (Mehdi Alaoui) - McLaren 720S GT3 (Special) - 33
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Time penalty- 20 sec - 7 Points