The Details

Penalty Assessed
90's DTM - Norisring

The Evidence

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Head Steward Decision

Car 117 moves across the track to take the corner as optimally as possible. They establish their angle and get on the brakes and brake in a straight line. Unfortunately, the 92 ford behind is already lined up for the same part of the track (and braking as well). Car 117 sweeps in front of car 92 and some contact occurs. Neither driver inherently does anything wrong here, and this is more of a 2 cars trying to take the same part of the track.

The Alfa is the one self reporting, and they recognize they squeezed off the ford and they should have kept some space for the ford, only a minor warning will be assessed to car 117

No Further Action.

The Penalties

Kilroy (Kilroy) - Alfa Romeo 155 V6 - 117
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Minor Warning - 3 points