The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 6 - COTA

The Evidence

Overview 17, cockpit 128 and cockpit 17.

Head Steward Decision

Car 128 gets impatient behind some stale blue flags, and interprets a small mistake from car 17 into T16 as a "wave by". Car 128 takes the whole track and shoves car 17 of with some minor contact. 10s penalty to car 128 for disregard of others on the same track.

Minor warning to car 17 for ignoring blue flags. Reminder for drivers to yield to blue flags within 3-5 corners (within reason). It may be frustrating to be so far behind, but no need to make it frustrating for others as well.

The Penalties

Hugh Messenger (Hugh Messenger) - AMR V8 Vantage (2019) - 128
[Site] Hugh Messenger | [AC] Hugh Messenger | [ACC] Hugh Messenger
Time penalty 10 sec - 5 Points
René le Clercq (René le Clercq) - Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II - 17
[Site] René le Clercq | [AC] René le Clercq | [ACC] René le Clercq
Minor Warning - 3 points