The Details

Penalty Assessed
90's DTM - Hockenheim DTM Short

The Evidence

Car 143 rejoin 3rd P (has both rejoins).
Car 143 rejoin POV (has both rejoins).
Car 143 rejoin reversing wheel lock (context for reversing back on track).

Head Steward Decision

Car 143 rejoins the track dangerously after being punted off into the grass. They swing across the track and cause avoidable contact - furthering the loss of control of their car. Car 143 then collects more drivers behind resulting in multiple contacts and cars off track. Following this, car 143 then reverses onto the track again and causes yet another collision.

Each reentry is considered a Qban, but since both happened in the same race; a race ban will be assigned for the following race rather than 2x consecutive q bans.

The Penalties

Skrt (Skrt_Skrt) - Alfa Romeo 155 V6 - 143
[Site] Skrt | [AC] Skrt_Skrt | [ACC] Skrt Skrt
Race ban - 25 points