The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 1 - Monza

The Evidence

My POV (with added bonus footage of me and Robert Brunner)
Alex's incident

Head Steward Decision

Lap 1 20sec penalty to Basson. Inexcusable to not have made sure your wiper bind works before the race, plus you can just set it to auto and not worry about it. To be fair the Lexus (Klein) is stopped in the middle of the track, but the bonks because of not being able to see are not good. Also 10 second penalty to Alex Klein for an unsafe rejoin by turning back into the track.

The Penalties

Nico Basson (Nico Basson) - AMR V8 Vantage (2019) - 46
[Site] Nico Basson | [AC] Nico Basson | [ACC] Nico Basson
Lap 1 - Time penalty 20x1.5 sec - 7 Points
Alex Klein (Alex Klein) - Lexus RC F GT3 - 32
[Site] Alex Klein | [AC] Alex Klein | [ACC] Alex Klein
Lap 1 - Time penalty 10x1.5 sec - 5 Points