The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 3 - Paul Ricard

The Evidence

pretty self explanatory

Head Steward Decision

Car 69 attempts to overtake on the inside line after the turn in point. As the corner is being taken, car 69 hits the kerb which then projects the car into car 295, spinning them both out and collecting the car behind.

As it is up to the overtaking driver to make sure they can keep the line tight, as well accounting that the turn is a decreasing radius turn with a late apex, they anticipate the car ahead to let them through. Car 295 has full rights to the corner ahead, yet still gives just enough room. The stewards have decided to give car 69 a 20 second penalty for causing a above-moderate incident collecting 2 or more cars.

The Penalties

Stefan Schmies (Stefan Schmies) - Audi R8 LMS Evo (2019) - 252
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Time penalty- 20 sec - 7 Points