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Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 3 - Paul Ricard

The Evidence

Nico's cockpit
John's cockpit
Nico's chase
John's chase
Bonus heli

Head Steward Decision

2 cars attempt to take the same apex at the same time. Car 323 takes a wide entry to set up the next corner, and Car 46 takes it tight and attempts to slip up the inside. Car 323 has full rights to the corner there, and therefore does nothing wrong from Stewards POV. Car 46 almost makes a slick move, but also does not see the telegraph from the car ahead and loses out on it.

As there were no major consequences, a minor warning should be applied to car 46 as a warning to take a little more diligence in making these overtakes. Hero if it was completed, zero if it kills someone.

The Penalties

Nico Basson (Nico Basson) - Lexus RC F GT3 - 46
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Minor Warning - 3 points