The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 1 - Silverstone

The Evidence

his onboard
my onboard

Head Steward Decision

Diego pushed Kimmo off track in Stowe, gaining him a five second penalty. Then on the next corner Kimmo turns into Diego, launching Kimmo off track. Then Kimmo tries off track overtake and punts Diego off. Though Diego is also off track and pushing Kimmo wide its not unsafe rejoin per se. 10s penalty.

The Penalties

Diego Gillone (Diego Gillone) - Audi R8 LMS Evo (2019) - 140
[Site] Diego Gillone | [AC] Diego Gillone | [ACC] Diego Gillone
Time penalty 5 sec - 3 Points
Kimmo Leppänen (Kimmo Leppänen) - McLaren 720S GT3 (Special) - 313
[Site] Kimmo Leppänen | [AC] Kimmo Leppanen | [ACC] Kimmo Leppänen
Time penalty 10 sec - 5 Points