The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 1 - Kyalami

The Evidence

should be easy to check other driver's views so early in the race. Literally second turn in the race.

Head Steward Decision

Please send all the relevant evidence and dont tell us to "go check replay". Finch rejoined in a somewhat safe manner initially as there was space to do so due to the racing line being towards the centre of the track, however he kept his nose in where he shouldn't without having enough overlap. He wasnt entitled to more space or to fight the cars ahead after missing the corner, and this is still considered him rejoining as he had not reached racing speed and merged into the race again. So unsafe rejoin 10 seconds.

The Penalties

Tim F (Tim Finch) - Mercedes-AMG GT3 - 75
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Lap 1 - Time penalty 10x1.5 sec - 5 Points