The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 1 - Misano

The Evidence

Head Steward Decision

Quite hard to judge from the white car's perspective, I think he managed it fairly well until the end.

1. He slowed down for the cars crashing ahead immediately.
2. Had the awareness to know there were 2 cars on his right so had to stay to the left.
3. He only pulled over to the right when it was necessary as the red car ahead regained grip and slowed quickly forcing him to evade and was safe to do so as he had been cleared by the passing green Porsche.

Imo the green Porsche passing on the right was going too fast into this situation and had to slow down hard as he approached the cars sliding across the track almost losing control himself. He did much of the braking while side by side with the white car in the clip and the result was that the white car found himself pulling out almost into the bumper of a car that based on what you would see from the mirror you would have predicted to have cleared you more and continued to pull away faster than you would accelerate. So although it is ultimately the white car's fault for causing the contact and not reacting fast enough, I think there were other factors that he could not have predicted so we have given him a more lenient penalty.

The Penalties

Mo MoSkeetTo (Mo MoSkeetTo) - AMR V8 Vantage (2019) - 162
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Lap 1 - Time penalty 10x1.5 sec - 5 Points