The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 1 - Hungaroring

The Evidence

Jaza POV

Head Steward Decision

5 second x 1.5 time penalty to Zacek. Zacek moves towards the Mclaren on the straight completely unnecessarily and hits him while the Mclaren is going in a straight line. This creates an extremely dangerous situation which by luck doesn't cause any bigger incidents. Even if the netcode and collision model was perfect, it still would've been very dangerous to rub another car in a braking zone with cars all around.

Zacek fails to abide by article 5.7.3 and give the McLaren driver one cars width of room.

The Penalties

jaza (Jaroslav Žáček) - Porsche 911 II GT3 R (2019) - 630
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Lap 1 - Time penalty 5x1.5 sec - 3 Points