(This article is for the season currently running on the old Reddit system)


General League Registration and Season Signups

Below are the 2 forms that you will need to fill out in order to race in ACRL. The info you provide is required in order for you race with us, as it is used to create entry lists for our servers. After submitting the registration forms, please be sure to save the link in the confirmation page (**not** the link in the address bar) that allows you to edit your submission in case you need to correct anything or change any of the options.

The League registration gives us some basic info about what league you will be racing in as well as your Steam GUID which is required in order to join our servers. This form only needs to be filled out once! If you have multiple registrations then the latest one is used. You can check your registration here.

Current Season

Use these forms to signup for the respective current season of ACRL, this will include what leagues you want to compete in as well as what car you want to drive for the entire season. Once you have chosen a car and raced with it for one race, that will be your car for the entire season, so make sure you try out all the cars that are available! It can take up to an hour for your registrations to be processed after this time you should find yourself on the relevant check in sheet. Please try to do this well in advance of a race so that you can contact a mod for support if required and fix any issues well before race time.

For further details on the current series refer to:
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