Official ACRL Rules

The following rules and regulations were established to promote clean and competitive racing. Anything that is NOT covered in this wiki should be deemed illegal unless stated by the moderators in pre-event notes. The moderators may choose to distribute penalties as they see fit to drivers who break any of these rules, or any other matter. The mods will always have the final word, though an appeal to a ruling is possible. Before you dig into our rules, please do read through this guide as a general starting point for racing online. Recommended Driver Behaviour

General Format Rules

Stay connected Do not disconnect from the server until the race is over for all drivers and the mods give the all clear. If you wreck out you are free to leave, and will be classified with the current amount of laps finished.

Race restarts There will not be any race restarts for lap 1 incidents. It delays the start of the race, and ultimately someone gets screwed over regardless, so there will be no restarts. We will heavily scrutinize any turn one incidents and award penalties as appropriate. If a server error occurs and more than 20% of the drivers lose connection within the first 20% of the race, then the race may be restarted.

Qualifying Rules:

  • If you are not on a hot lap (out lap, in lap, a bad lap, or practice lap), do not impede other drivers who are on a hot lap. If you are on a hot lap, you are not required to make way for a faster driver who is also on their hot lap.

Racing Rules:

Basic Rules:

  • Any driver defending his position on a straight, and before any braking area, may use the full width of the track during his first move, provided no significant portion of the car attempting to pass is alongside his when he initiates the move. For avoidance of doubt, Having the front of the car along the rear axel of the defending car will be deemed a 'significant portion'. However, due to limited visibility and spatial awareness in sim racing, if contact occurs from a defensive maneuver when the overtaking driver's front wheels are not yet up to the defending driver's rear wheels, the incident will be ruled a racing incident.

  • More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.

  • Due to netcode, if there is any (not to be confused with a 'significant portion') overlap between two cars on a straight, both cars must respect the space occupied by the other, and neither car may move into the other to crowd them. This rule also applies if the overtaking driver is closing the gap at a speed such that a collision cannot be avoided if his line is blocked by a defending driver.

  • Due to netcode, persistent driving down the centerline of the track in order to make passing difficult is not acceptable.

  • Sudden changes of direction just before or within the braking zone to block an overtaking driver are not permissible since they are extremely dangerous and can leave the attacking driver nowhere to go.

  • When entering the breaking zone following another car, drivers must be aware that different drivers/chassis have different breaking points and stopping distances.

Racing in the Corners:

  • If an overtaking driver has a significant portion of his car alongside a defending driver, the defending driver must leave the overtaking driver 1 car width of space from the edge of the track plus some wiggle room(because we are racing online). A significant portion is defined as the front wheels of the overtaking car being even or ahead of the rear wheels of the defending car at the normal turn-in point.

  • An overtaking driver may not divebomb a corner, i.e., entering the corner fast in order to establish significant overlap but too fast to maintain the inside line or forces the defending driver to take evasive maneuvers.

Blue flags:

  • SINGLE-CLASS SERIES: In single-class series, blue flag warnings are mandatory. Drivers receiving blue flags must adhere to the warnings and allow the driver behind to pass without significantly impeding them. Any reported blue flag infringements will be judged at the stewards discretion.
  • MULTI-CLASS SERIES - SAME CAR CLASS SCENARIO: In multi-class series where two cars in the same car class are in a lapping situation (for example two GTE cars), the blue flag warnings are mandatory and the driver receiving the blue flags must allow the driver behind to pass without significantly impeding them.

  • MULTI-CLASS SERIES - DIFFERENT CAR CLASS SCENARIO: In multi-class series where two cars in different car classes are in a lapping situation (for example a GTE car and an LMP car), blue flag warnings are advisory. If a faster class car approaches a slower class car to lap it, the slower class car is entitled to the racing line and it is the responsibility of the faster class car to complete a safe overtake. Drivers in the slower class must also drive consistently and predictably in order to help the faster class car make the overtake safely.

Drivers are encouraged to pay attention to their live timings apps to stay informed of when faster traffic is approaching so that lapping is anticipated and can be done safely.

Pit Stop Rules (Qualifying/Racing):

Speeding in the Pitlane: When entering the pit lane, you are obligated to slow down properly for the speed limit of the pit lane(AC: 80 kmh - ACC: 50 kmh). 

You are now required to follow kunos' and modders set pit entry speeds. Penalties will be handed out to those who break the speed limit on entry.

Additionally, for vanilla AC, with the implementation of the new Pit System by Kunos, drivers are required to at a minimum add 1L of fuel to their car to trigger a "pit stop" within the Kunos system. Failure to do so will result in a DQ at the end of the race by the Kunos system.

Entering/Exiting Pits

Drivers are allowed to cross the white lines at any time while entering the pits. However, drivers exiting the pits must keep ALL TIRES within the solid white lines at all times! Furthermore, drivers that are involved in an incident caused by them entering/exiting the pits will be penalized heavily. In addition, aggressive driving and attempted blocking of a passing driver will be, after mod review, grounds for further penalties or harsher punishments. This includes both entering and exiting the pits.

Crossing the pit exit lane, while exiting the pits, will result in a 10 Sec time penalty.

Cars on track are only allowed to cross the pit exit line when there is no traffic exiting the pits at that specific time. If there is a car exiting the pit, during this time cars currently on track must not cross the pit exit line. Equally, cars exiting the pits must not cross the line at any time. During qualifying, cars exiting the pits are encouraged to give way to cars already on track to ensure their hot laps are not compromised. However, during a race, cars will follow the blue flag rules.

Restarting to pits Drivers in the GT3 Series and the GT Endurance series will not be allowed to reset their car back to the pits during the races.

Note: In special circumstances, a driver will be allowed to reset to pits in GTE races. Examples include bugs that cause a driver to not have a pit stall. Drivers lacking a pit stall should still come into the pits, stop in a pit box, reset, and wait long enough such that the car is stationary for 10 seconds.

If you get final damage on your car, you will be allowed to reset to the pits during the race in order to clear the track, but not drive out again.

For the qualification, you have to do another in-lap and then drive into the pit lane to your pit box and the reset to pits via the in-game menu to refuel and put on fresh tires.

If you do not follow these rules(i.e. reset to pits but drive out again) following penalties will be applied:

1st offense = Next Race Qualifying Ban

2nd offense = Next Race Ban

General Safety Rules

Re-joining the track

Should a car leave the track, the driver may re-join, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any lasting advantage. Rejoining drivers should not attempt to keep anyone behind them until they are fully up to speed. Also, slowing down after a cut to negate any advantage must not impede any other drivers. There are several apps that can assist drivers with safe track re-entry, especially in circumstances when a driver cannot see oncoming traffic. See the recommended apps section here for our suggested apps to install.


All drivers should remember that we are racing in an imperfect online racing system. Drivers should always take this into consideration before racing closely with another driver. Drivers may be held liable for incidents even if there appears to be no contact from their own perspective.

It is up to the driver to have a quality internet connection + hardware performance. Anyone suffering from excessive latency or FPS dropping resulting in performance issues that result in discrepancies in on track position must here by follow these rules:

  • Lagging drivers shall not try to overtake another driver unless consented by the other driver or unless it is obviously safe to do so. Lagging drivers are allowed to request permission to pass, but non-lagging drivers are allowed to refuse such requests.

  • Lagging drivers shall not try to defend their position from another driver who cannot overtake due to your latency. You should of course keep your pace up, but if someone closes in or is immediately and consistently behind you, you must forfeit the position upon request.

  • As an extreme precaution, We hold the right to prevent you from racing if latency is bad enough during qualifying.

We understand that this is hard to quantify, but it comes down to respect. Please give everyone a buffer to see if the lag is constant/serious or intermittent/light. Use your judgment, if it is bad enough to warrant action then make a short and brief announcement directly to the driver. The driver should then confirm and adhere to the rules. We will investigate this as an incident to determine you drove respectfully while lagging, but also to verify that your condition required it.

Also, be aware that if you see another car teleporting, this may actually be an indication that you are experiencing connection problems. If you see another car teleporting, you should ask other drivers if they see either of you teleporting.

Assists All factory assists are allowed, e.g., ABS and TC on GT3 cars and TC on GT2 cars. Stability control is disabled by the server.


All incidents should be reported, this is done via the results tab of the relevant event, provide any video evidence which helps out the mods to quickly assess the situation and be as objective as possible. Anyone has the right to file an appeal if they feel they were penalized wrongfully up to a week after the incident was reported.

It's up to the drivers to stay up-to-date on the progress of an incident, not the mods.

Incident Reporting Rules

  • Drivers are only entitled to report an incident they are involved in..

  • All drivers are highly encouraged to report all the incidents they are specifically involved in. This helps to ensure all incidents are accounted for.

  • We will only accept reports of cutting if a driver cuts a significant portion of the track in an attempt to cheat. For example, see this incident. Normal cuts will be accounted for by the cutting app and therefore a separate incident report is not required.

96 Hour Reporting period

After each race is completed, racers will have 96 hours past the end of the race to report any incidents they may have had. Any reports received past the 96 hour period will not be reviewed.

For clarification, all incident reports are due on:

Thursday at 9pm CET/CEST for EU GT3/GTE

Thursday at 9pm EST for NA GT3/GTE