The Details

Penalty Assessed
2021 Endurance - Hungaroring 6h

The Evidence

Extended clip of whole blue flag period
Chase cam crash hoogendoorn
chase cam crash goldstein
onboard crash goldstein
onboard crash hoogendoorn

Head Steward Decision

DSW to the Ferrari. This is kind of the risk with lead cars allowing lapped cars to unlap themselves. As the lead car you need to be absolutely certain the car behind is consistently quicker than you, otherwise this can happen. A lesson learned for the Aston more than anything, who were focusing on their own race and thought allowing the unlapping would benefit them so no harm in that. Ferrari on the other hand, as soon as they fail to pull away from the Aston, and especially when they go off track in T11, they need to yield to the lead car.

The Penalties

Unicorn & Griffin B (Daniel Goldstein,Sven van Dorst) - Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 -
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Driving Standards Warning - 10 points