The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 2 - Zolder

The Evidence

ACRL ZOLDER SPLIT 2 onboard 267
ACRL ZOLDER SPLIT 2 onboard 569
ACRL ZOLDER SPLIT 2 outside 267

Head Steward Decision

Car 569 rear-ends Car 267 on main straight. It is visible from both cars that an incident is evolving ahead and one slows down more than the other. As it is likely the yellow flag was obscured or non-existent; only a 5 second penalty will be applied to Car 569 for failing to stop in time (there was opportunity to avoid the crash). Unfortunately a 1.5x modifier will be added to the penalty for a lap 1 incident.

The Penalties

Patriotpl (Paweł Strenkowski) - Porsche 911 II GT3 R (2019) - 569
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Lap 1 - Time penalty 5x1.5 sec - 3 Points