The Details

Penalty Assessed
AmeriCar - AmeriCar @ Sebring

The Evidence

my onboard
dydy2race onboard
me chase cam
dydy2race chase cam

Head Steward Decision

Car 218 attempts an overtake on the inside. No overlap is established before the brake point (and turn in point in this case). Car 273 moves to take the apex and runs into Car 218. As Car 273 has full rights to the apex at this moment, Car 218 is assigned a 5 second penalty for causing a minor incident.

As this is a first lap incident we must apply a x1.5 modifier.

The Penalties

Dylan Chouinard (Dydy2race) - RSS Formula Americas 2020 - 218
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Lap 1 - Time penalty 5x1.5 sec - 3 Points