The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 2 - Laguna Seca

The Evidence

Head Steward Decision

Completely unsafe rejoin from Car 197. Goes really wide, and on entry to track tries to full throttle it to reduce time lost. Interface of the track/gravel causes a spin and further loss of control. This results in a major incident that looks pretty close to race ending damage.

20 second penalty to Car 197 for the terrible rejoin.

The reporting driver just barely has enough evidence. A 3rd video of a 3rd person view of the offending driver would have been nice, but the fact there were hud elements (pedal inputs) was enough to make this ruling.

The Penalties

Borgosman Borges (Rafael Borges) - McLaren 720S GT3 (Special) - 197
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Time penalty- 20 sec - 7 Points