The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 2 - Misano

The Evidence

Head Steward Decision - POV McLaren - POV Bentley - Outside POV

On the right hander, it seems that car 019 lifts rather unnecessarily while on the apex. Car 512 does not anticipate the lift and bumps into car 019. The initial bump is mostly a racing incident (no consensus as to who is more responsible). After the spin, car 512 fails to slow sufficiently and bumps car 019 yet again. This second bump as well has relatively equal liability between the two. Car 019 fails to hold brakes enough during the spin, and slowly wanders across the track, and car 512 does not yield or slow enough to take avoiding action after first contact was made.

Based on the new evidence, there will be a 10 second penalty to Car 512 (Eero Järvinen) for perpetuating an incident, and a verbal reminder to Car 019 (Acerod) to hold the brakes until the car has come to a full stop. Especially on that section of track where there is the pit exit.

The Penalties

Kaheli (Eero Järvinen) - McLaren 720S GT3 (Special) - 512
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Time penalty 10 sec - 5 Points