The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC Season 2 - Misano

The Evidence

I'm sorry the pov audio is not there unfortunately.

Head Steward Decision

Car 117 drives offtrack, rejoins and then bumps car 246 out of the way under braking. Not even a sliver of overtaking opportunity, and the fact that car 117 over-extended the exit and did not yield or slow down on the rejoin makes it worse.
20 seconds to Car 117 (Barros) for causing a major, avoidable incident.

Car 246 is reminded to hold their brakes when they lose control of their car (in a spin/due to contact or crash). Only a friendly reminder as to make the car move as predictably as possible under these circumstances.

Drivers are free to post in #racing-academy or #race-director with questions about the incident report.

The Penalties

Eduardo Diogo Correia de Barros (Eduardo Diogo Correia de Barros) - Porsche 911 II GT3 R (2019) - 220
[Site] Eduardo Diogo Barros | [AC] Eduardo Diogo Barros | [ACC] Eduardo Diogo Correia de Barros
Time penalty- 20 sec - 7 Points