Event Details
ACC Season 1
Bathurst 4h
Bathurst 4h
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Mount Panorama 2019
Sunday August 9th 2020 05:00 PM Europe/Rome

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Race Info
Event Starts 2020-08-09 05:00 PM Europe/Rome
Practice 30 minutes (starts Sat 1:00 pm in-game)
Quali 15 minutes (starts Sun 2:00 pm in-game)
Race 90 minutes (starts Sun 3:00 pm in-game)
Driver SwapsYes
Mandatory Pit StopYes
Refueling RequiredNo
Tire Change RequiredNo
Weather Forecast

There is a very slight chance of rain, but you should expect a completely dry and rather hot weekend.

Pre-Quali Servers

There is no Pre-Quali for this event.

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Server Split Password Spectator Password
ACRL Race Server 1 1 ****** spect
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